The effectiveness of any program depends on developing lasting and productive relationships with the people we service and the people who put their confidence in NOR Enterprises, Inc. to produce results.

NOR Enterprises, Inc. employees full and part-time professional staff who bring a diverse collection of education, community based skills, experiences to give each participant a total mentoring, counseling and cultural lesson.

NOR Enterprises, Inc. is an education and training firm specializing in innovative programs for 'hard to reach' youth and teen populations. Based in New Castle County, Delaware, NOR Enterprises, Inc. provides skills building workshops, training in outreach and communication, and program development for successful outcomes. NOR Enterprises, Inc. conducts seminars, focus groups, retreats, as well as ongoing program delivery. Specializing in a multifaceted variety of social, health and educational programs, NOR Enterprises, Inc. focuses on issues confronting teens today such as teen pregnancy prevention and violence prevention. Through peer counseling and self-esteem building support systems and by working with government and private sector organizations to conduct outreach to targeted populations, NOR Enterprises, Inc. will make a difference.

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