Norman M. Oliver - CEO and President Our Youth, Incorporated

Young people, no matter the circumstances in which they find themselves, will be able to achieve their potential and reach their capacity.

Young people who are targeted as at-risk and hard to reach will, through guided activities, attain self-discipline, enhanced self-esteem, and the motivation to realize life goals.

OUR YOUTH, INC. (OYI), a not for profit,private organization, was incorporated to extend the services of NOR Enterprises to further challenge, develop and to create a smooth transition from home to school and back to the community for our youth. In other words,OYI focuses on the total youth while out of the school environment.

OYI, located at NOR Enterprises headquarters, embraces area youth in their natural neighborhood setting in south Wilmington - with their family, peers and mentors. “Many of the youth that we have in our program were not being serviced in the community,” says Oliver, “OYI has helped reduce school absenteeism among our youth, and has motivated families to pursue a higher standard of living for themselves.” OYI is unique, the staff and volunteers are neighbors of the youth we service. OYI creates an environment of trust and refuge for our participants. Staff is there to greet each student as they enter to “reinforce” their daily learning. Homework is completed properly, computer skills are
taught and practiced, and school mates have time to chat about their concerns. “Our center is in the heart of the community
which has been designated an Enterprise Zone and an At-Risk neighborhood, “ Oliver stated, “OUR YOUTH, INC. has a well planned effort to not just limit support teaching to the ABC’s, but to lend support in each child’s economic, social and moral growth. Our youth are pressured with the lure of drugs, violence that irrupts in their neighborhood, and in some instances, staff becomes a sounding board for children whose parents are or have been incarcerated.”
OYI also plans to extend their hours to become a full-time center for learning and cultural enrichment.

1213 B. ST. WILMINGTON, DE 19801 ~ 302.655.8250 - FAX 302.655.8249