Government Relations * Lobbyist * Political Consultant

When you need a lobbyist in Delaware, Norman M. Oliver is your man.

He’s connected to all aspects of the community.

Norman has run several successful national, state, county and local political champaigns.

Why would you need a lobbyist?

Many organizations, because they are just starting up or organizations that have out grown their resource pool, do not have the knowledge or the contacts to take their organizations to the next level. These organizations may need the local, state, or federal governments to pass a law, expand an agenda or redirect resources to accomplish their objectives.

The expertise to do this is very specific to the environment in which that organization is operating. It could take years to develop the necessary contacts to get accomplished what ever change the organization is trying to make. Hiring a lobbyist, such as Norman M. Oliver, can reduce this process to weeks while giving you a professional assessment of whether what you are trying to do is feasible and the strategy to get it accomplished.

Oliver Associates, LLC specializes in, but not limited to, the following areas:

Community Affairs:
------------Preparing and making presentations which clearly states, the organization’s goals and objectives. Directing organizations to people and resources already in place to resolve their problems. Instructing organizations to methods that will build the capacity required to meet objectives

------------Knowing the many problems that plague public education systems in the state that requires frequent community involvement to get the problems resolve. Works with community groups, as well as, the school systems to resolve issues which are obstructing quality educational processes from taking place. Various services are provided such as; parental involvement, student safety, tutoring, mentoring or counseling.

Health Care:
--------Keeping his ear tuned to the ever changing laws, programsand problems that the Medicare Drug program is facing, while also
being abreast of the social and economical needs of the people, Oliver Associates, LLC can get your concerns to thepeople who can make a difference.

---------Being at the cutting edge of local development both commercial and residential, Oliver Associated, LLC knows that gaming is coming to the City of Wilmington. Norman can direct you to the proper meetings and put you in touch with the right contacts to expedite the process, and thereby putting you at the table to becoming a viable choice.

Real Estate:
-----------Looking for the right location is essential in relocating or opening your business But finding it at the right price is what Oliver Associates, LLC with insure

---------Knowing that it takes about 2,000 votes to be elected City Councilman, 5,000 to be elected State Representative and 10,000 to be elected State Senator and 25,000 to be elected mayor is part of the knowledge Oliver Associates, LLC knows. The organizing of a strategic campaign is the only way to assure that any candidate seeking these offices has a good chance. Oliver Associates, LLC can put in place the organization to do mailing, set up meetings, execute phone-a-thons and assisting in getting out voters on election day.

--------Having issues that involve the trade industry can be resolved with the proper networks and knowledge of policy. With Norman's
many years of involvement, expertise and relationships, he can help direct you to a solution.